Team Photo

The team photo is uploaded, see the Photo Gallery link to view.

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7 Responses to Team Photo

  1. Karen Zimmerle says:

    Hi Doug! We’d love an 8×10 of the team photo. Thank you!

  2. Nicole Roper says:

    Hi, Doug, I was wondering if you print the photos or we need to print them ourself?

    • dswebb says:

      In the past we took the team photo much later and I just brought some printed copies to the banquet. With them out earlier I’ve posted versions you can download to your phone or PC and print yourself. (I recommend If you can’t print it let me know and I can print one for you.

  3. Nicole Roper says:

    Thank you for getting back to me. Is this the same format for the individual pictures? I would really like a 5×7 of Michael Roper.

    • dswebb says:

      Not quite sure what you mean by the “same format”… But yes I can make a 5×7 of Michael. I’ll post it on the same page with the other individuals. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail of Michael and send me the number that pops up. I don’t know all the freshmen yet and want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks.

  4. Nicole Roper says:

    We are new so doing team photos like this is different, I’m not use to having to print our own photos out. The numbers for Michael Roper are M318083 and M318080.
    Thank you I appreciate all the pictures you take of the kids.

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