2020 Strangeness…PLEASE Read

As we all know by now, 2020 is not “normal.” So there have been some changes here too. Let me list them here.

First, since time is limited and opportunities are few for fundraising, the board has asked me to use team photos and an individual photo as a fundraising opportunity. I’ve also decided (though I hate it) I will limit the uploads to this site, at least for a while. I think we will add the full set of images I take to an end of year DVD that will go along with the team/individual photo fundraising package. Maybe we will work something out in the future, but for now I will only be posting about 1/2 of what I take, you’ll have to get the other half by getting the fundraising package. In addition, to keep things fair, I wrote a program to randomly pick the photos I post, so I have no idea what will be in each set. Hopefully everyone will get something interesting to them posted. I’m hoping before the end of the year is over we will have worked out a better system, but for now I guess this is it.

Second, if you see people in the photos without masks on, and it bothers you, do not think it was their fault. I purposely look for people eating/drinking and wait for a good shot where their face is exposed. So don’t think if you see an image without a mask they were being thoughtless, they may have just taken a drink, or be getting ready to get a drink. Just wanted to let you know to avoid any confusion.

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