Photo Gallery

Photos from the swim meets and various team activities will be posted here as they become available. Galleries should be compatible with both iPhones and Androids.

All images are intended for the personal use of the swimmers and their families, as well as promotion of the swim team by Northshore High School. All other rights reserved. All images © Doug Webb 2016.

The image pages are password protected. Please see me for the password.

Team Photos
State Meet Finals Nov 19
State Meet Prelims Nov 18
Metro Finals Images Oct 29
Metro Prelims Images Oct 28
Meet 6 Images Oct 11
Meet 5 Images Oct 6
Meet 4 Images Oct 4
Senior Images
Car Wash Oct 1
Meet 3 Images Sept 27
Meet 2 Images Sept 22
Car Wash Sept 17
Meet 1 Images Sept 15

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